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Game GameCode Sorting Order Network Name Tournaments
Game IconForza Motorsport 4F4Game IconXBOX LIVE2
Game IconFIFA 12FIFA12Game IconXBOX LIVE1397
Game IconGears of WarGoWGame IconXBOX LIVE10
Game IconGears of War 2GoW2Game IconXBOX LIVE8
Game IconHalo: ReachHaloGame IconXBOX LIVE184
Game IconHalo 2Halo2Game IconXBOX LIVE33
Game IconHalo 3Halo3Game IconXBOX LIVE24
Game IconHalo 4halo4Game IconXBOX LIVE179
Game IconCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (XBL)MW3360Game IconXBOX LIVE17
Game IconTetris Online JapanTOJTetris Online: Japan1
Game IconTetris Friends - ArenaTF-ATetris Friends13
Game IconAlienSwarmASGame IconSteam0
Civilization 5Civ5Game IconSteam5
Game IconCall of Duty 4CoD4Game IconSteam525
Game IconCall of Duty: Black OpsCODBOGame IconSteam169
Game IconCompany of Heroes 2CoH2Game IconSteam32
Game IconCounter-Strike 1.6CS16Game IconSteam4494
Game IconCounter-Strike: SourceCSSGame IconSteam2195
Game IconDotA 2DOTA2Game IconSteam8810
Game IconLeft 4 DeadL4DGame IconSteam87
Game IconLeft 4 Dead 2L4D2Game IconSteam395
Game IconCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2MW2Game IconSteam166
Game IconNosgothNOSGGame IconSteam4
Rocket LeagueRLGame IconSteam300
Game IconTeam Fortress 2TF2Game IconSteam243
Game IconFIFA 12 (PSN)FIFA12PSNGame IconPlayStation Network6
Game IconGran Turismo 5GT5Game IconPlayStation Network12
Game IconMortal Kombat (PSN)MKPSNGame IconPlayStation Network6
Game IconCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PSN)MW3PSNGame IconPlayStation Network8
Game IconNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4NSUNS4Game IconPlayStation Network28
out of 7
(198 total)
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