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Title Status Game Type Teams Date Views Spoiler Free
Test 123BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02015-10-09157
TCG Grand ChampionshipActive-GroupsMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Single Elim202015-08-0213986View
Mälarlan: HSBuildingGame IconHearthstoneSingle Elim02015-07-11328
Mälarlan: CS:GOBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Double Elim32015-07-10957
Mälarlan: LoLBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Single Elim02015-07-10285
Torneo Para Bronzes-PlatasBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim52015-06-252182
lol bg turnir zapisvaite se BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim1102015-06-2516534
CSGO Silver CupBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDouble Elim142015-05-31913
CSGO SILVER LADDERBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim22015-05-31123
mini team tournamentBuildingGame IconDotA 2Double Elim02015-05-1053
Shaman World CupConfirmationMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim52015-05-10333
Pure Domination CS GO 1st Annual Online TournamentConfirmationGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDouble Elim552015-05-093963
Dota 2 Manado LeagueActive-GroupsGame IconDotA 2Groups to Double Elim82015-05-02147View
Real Hearthstone championshipActiveGame IconHearthstoneSingle Elim142015-05-015006View
Torneo BillarBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim82015-05-0133
CSGO Who is champBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim552015-05-012086
CS:GO Silver BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Double Elim22015-04-30112
[Frogbyte 2015] HearthStoneConfirmationGame IconHearthstoneGroups to Single Elim32015-04-26708
dotatournamentBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim02015-04-25344
[Frogbyte 2015] League Of Legends 5vs5BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Single Elim22015-04-25683
Mannschafstheim TournamentCompleteGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Double Elim82015-04-241231View
Lan Center YagamiActive-GroupsGame IconDotA 2Groups to Double Elim322015-04-18935View
BIT 2015 - Turniej League of LegendsActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim642015-04-18984View
Torneo Grieta LatinaBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02015-04-17196
Lancer Tournament #1BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82015-04-13615
AT Gaming HS Cup #3BuildingGame IconHearthstoneSingle Elim12015-04-12110
2v2! Shock Tournaments~BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02015-04-11109
Amateur CS:GO LadderActiveGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim162015-04-111268View
Torneo de Black AceBuildingGame IconHearthstoneSingle Elim02015-04-1154
ESPORTSM - FIFA15 - DELTÄVLING 3 - MALMÖBuildingFIFA 15Groups to Single Elim932015-04-112648
DreamHack WCG Canda uPlayreal Altitude Gaming League North American Star League