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Title Status Game Type Teams Date Views Spoiler Free
Silesia CS GO Cup 2016 (Oficiall)BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim92016-07-272442
Gears of War PC Cup No1CompleteGame IconGears of WarSingle Elim162015-12-27247View
TOUR BOSSBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike 1.6Groups to Single Elim132015-10-031656
CS 1.6 2on2 CUPBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike 1.6Groups to Single Elim12015-10-0278
AUSTRALIAN TOURNAMENTBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim222015-09-262115
Lancer Tournament #4BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim12015-09-20426
ASEAN Games Australia 2015BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim02015-09-1961
>T.O.P< 1 vs 1 TournamentBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim82015-09-18211
The Head Hunters GamingBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim442015-09-183269
EBattle 01ConfirmationGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Double Elim02015-09-18582
Sweg gaming international tournament 2015ConfirmationGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim12015-09-11312
AUSTRALIA GOLD NOVA TOURNAMENTBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim182015-09-066398
Liga Dota 2 BrasilBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim42015-09-04270
gigabyte indian dota 2 championnshipBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim12015-08-30170
3n1 Dota 2 TournamentActiveGame IconDotA 2Single Elim162015-08-281021View
Dota2Sa Amateur LeagueBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim02015-08-281325
PRISM eSports Summer Tournament 2015BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim92015-08-243225
Dota 2 iFat tournament Season IIIActiveGame IconDotA 2Single Elim162015-08-222038View
Forsaken Summer Cup 2015BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDouble Elim62015-08-22426
TeamVenonEX August Open! For Silvers and Gold Novas!ConfirmationGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDouble Elim82015-08-22785
Lancer Tournament #3BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim42015-08-21397
csgo gaming BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim62015-08-21785
TMP USBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim02015-08-20218
Team ModaBoard TournamentConfirmationGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim142015-08-201543
Dota 2 Fall CupActive-GroupsGame IconDotA 2Groups to Double Elim3552015-08-17312View
LEAGUE 01 CUPBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim22015-08-17207
10$BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim02015-08-16152
Action Shark CupActiveMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim642015-08-161916View
Gay TournamentBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim02015-08-1566
Interpid league BalticBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Double Elim112015-08-152308
DreamHack WCG Canda uPlayreal Altitude Gaming League North American Star League