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Title Status Game Type Teams Date Views Spoiler Free
Dota 2 Champions League - LAN FINALSActive-GroupsGame IconDotA 2Groups to Double Elim102014-07-11312View
Kaza Sunday #7 BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim442014-07-0512968
GeeBuildingGame IconStarCraft 2Groups to Single Elim242014-07-051716
Kaza Sunday #5 Gold/Plat/DiamBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim142014-06-295363
Play Off - I Liga LoL QiCanariasBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim92014-06-28511
I Liga LoL QiCanarias - INX-ArenaActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim642014-06-262248View
Kaza Sunday #5BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim72014-06-253145
The WICKED TurnamentBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Double Elim02014-06-20270
Tournament for the Up and ComingBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim42014-06-18244
ABXY WeekBuildingGame IconHalo 4Double Elim02014-06-16979
DHS14: DreamHack Ultra Street Fighter IV Championship Summer 2014BuildingUltra Street Fighter IVGroups to Double Elim12014-06-14360
GG Summer Series Week 1BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Single Elim182014-06-131833
Sunday Fight Night Week 10: ARABActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-06-08900View
MasterLeguaBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Single Elim22014-06-08421
SAN LAN 2 vs 2BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim12014-06-07254
SAN LAN 1 vs 1BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim12014-06-07272
Saturday Fight Night Week 10: PurityActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-06-071016View
Champions of North - LoLBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Double Elim62014-06-01563
Sunday Fight Night Week 9: ARAMActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-06-01871View
Saturday Fight Night Week 9: NRAMActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-05-31935View
Austin Ladder Dota 2 LeagueBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim62014-05-30885
Liga PokemonBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownDouble Elim02014-05-29680
EU WEST CUP#2BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim22014-05-2832
Sunday Fight Night Week 8: No ItemsActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-05-25844View
Geekator tournoiBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02014-05-2445
Saturday Fight Night Week 8: Ultimate BraveryActiveGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim82014-05-241030View
League of Legends Anime Island Championship VBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim52014-05-24489
Team PiXL 3v3 Tournament #1BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim32014-05-23450
The Tahitian 1v1 ChallengeBuildingGame IconCall of Duty: GhostsSingle Elim02014-05-23185
sdfActive-GroupsGame IconWarcraft 3: DotAGroups to Single Elim162014-05-22275View
DreamHack WCG Canda uPlayreal Altitude Gaming League North American Star League