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Title Status Game Type Teams Date Views Spoiler Free
TCG Grand ChampionshipActive-GroupsMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Single Elim202015-08-025703View
lol bg turnir zapisvaite se BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim962015-06-2513931
Scotty Chan Open - Might & Magic: Duel Of Champions (Prize Giveaway)BuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim42015-03-091136
VL,SWE TournumentBuildingGame IconHearthstoneDouble Elim62015-02-18860
Start Of The YearConfirmationGame IconLeague of LegendsGroups to Single Elim02015-02-16466
Dalalan Winter 2015BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim162015-02-142017
Nubs with ShotgunsBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim32015-02-14292
Cs:go Cup Sweden.BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim62015-02-14284
Multidream Esport Cup #1BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02015-02-07352
KherimonTV 5v5 #1ConfirmationGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim52015-01-30493
Australian Amateur CupBuildingGame IconDotA 2Groups to Double Elim172015-01-171805
Talador Nights TournamentBuildingGame IconWorld of WarcraftSingle Elim12015-01-17391
Ivory Division 2015 Preseason 'A'BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim12015-01-17148
APH TournamentBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim122015-01-1638
Opatu spēlesBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim32015-01-1652
LoLPolska - Pierwszy turniej!BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim212015-01-164199
Black Ops 2 TournamentBuildingGame IconCall of Duty: Black Ops 2Groups to Single Elim102015-01-151473
Baby Foot LPB #1Active-GroupsMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Double Elim202015-01-12193View
ArenaMasters Opening CUPBuildingGame IconWorld of WarcraftGroups to Double Elim22015-01-12380
MysticNZ January 2015 OCE 1v1 TournamentBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim12015-01-11145
Torneo de invierno - OhLolita vs CiberOtakuConfirmationGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim82015-01-11140
eGz Tournament #3BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim52015-01-10409
1Hit Sr8 CupConfirmationUrban TerrorGroups to Single Elim62015-01-10103
Game Over tournamentBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Double Elim12015-01-0964
DOTA 2 Amateur TournamentConfirmationGame IconDotA 2Single Elim242015-01-091664
RyenLAN 2015BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: SourceGroups to Double Elim262015-01-09156
WARFIGHT LOLBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim12015-01-09610
The Tournament of Mediocrity IIBuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim32015-01-05455
DotA 2 Ametur TourdementBuildingGame IconDotA 2Single Elim92015-01-05261
LIB EUNE Tourney #4BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim02015-01-04106
DreamHack WCG Canda uPlayreal Altitude Gaming League North American Star League