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Sorting Order Game GameCode Network Name Tournaments
Game IconWorld of WarcraftWoW330
Game IconWorld of TanksWoT732
Game IconWargame: European EscalationWEE3
Game IconWarcraft 3: Reign of ChaosWar3RoC9
Game IconWarcraft 3: Frozen ThroneWar3FT653
Game IconWarcraft 3: DotADotA2718
Game IconWarcraft 3War333
War RockWR1
Game IconWar of the RosesWotR1
Game IconViperskwaViper2
Urban TerrorUrT29
Game IconUnreal Tournament 99UT9910
Game IconUnreal Tournament 3UT39
Game IconUnreal Tournament 2004UT2k457
Game IconUncharted 3UC36
Ultra Street Fighter IVUSFIV173
Game IconTribes: AscendTribes9
Trackmania UnitedTmU0
Trackmania SunriseTmS0
Game IconTrackmania OriginalTm6
Game IconTrackmania Nations: ForeverTmNF106
Game IconTrackmania 2: ValleyTM2V1
Game IconTrackmania 2: StadiumTM2S16
Game IconTrackmania 2: CanyonTM210
Total Annihilation: SpringTAS4
Total AnnihilationTA8
Game IconThe Empire GameTEG26
Game IconTetris Online JapanTOJTetris Online: Japan1
Game IconTetris Friends - ArenaTF-ATetris Friends13
Game IconTekken Tag Tournament 2TTT2117
out of 7
(198 total)
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