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Title Status Game Type Teams Date Views Spoiler Free
CSGOHours | Weekly TournamentsBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim42030-10-3122435
Sunday Tournament #1 | 70$ prizeBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim222027-09-087405
CCT 1 FREE ENTRY (EU)BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim282026-07-2212263
Starcraft 2 Israel tournamentBuildingGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim12024-11-032671
Dreamhack Tours CLOSED QUALIFIERCompleteGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim82024-04-0127578View
ESEA Team TournamentBuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim152022-06-0928056
SweGames | Weekly Tournaments!BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveSingle Elim352021-05-31115739
turniej klanowy WWOLFBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim02020-11-052440
Spiritus League Season 1BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim302019-12-31105078
TURNIEJ 3vs3 NA SF (NETRODAL I TS-LOL.EU)BuildingGame IconLeague of LegendsSingle Elim32019-10-042770
champions leagueActive-GroupsMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Double Elim322019-09-301154View
Champions League 2019BuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownGroups to Double Elim332019-09-30197
tabelloneBuildingMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim172019-09-30156
Looking for SWEDISH / EU CS:GO team !BuildingGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Single Elim122019-09-20113511
Talento Latino 2019Active-GroupsGame IconAge of Empires 3Groups to Single Elim102019-09-19147View
CvCConfirmationGame IconLeague of LegendsDouble Elim52019-08-31135
2019 WL Clay Soldiers Championship Knockout Stage (Please read Description)BuildingGame IconMinecraftSingle Elim02019-08-31764
Solo ValheinActiveMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim82019-08-2336View
Solo ValheinActiveMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim82019-08-2336View
Solo Quyền VươngActiveMisc. / Other / UnknownSingle Elim82019-08-2329View
Bảng DActiveGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim92019-08-2212View
Bảng CActiveGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim82019-08-2137View
Bảng BActiveGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim82019-08-2038View
Bảng AActiveGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim112019-08-19113View
EastFighter 2 eu qualActiveUltra Street Fighter IVDouble Elim82019-08-19100View
EastFighter 2 am qualActiveUltra Street Fighter IVDouble Elim82019-08-19102View
EastFighter 2 jp qualActiveUltra Street Fighter IVDouble Elim82019-08-19112View
EastFighter 2 as qualActiveUltra Street Fighter IVDouble Elim82019-08-19222View
SoloActiveGame IconStarCraft 2Single Elim322019-08-19276View
Headshot 2019 SummerActive-GroupsGame IconCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveGroups to Double Elim62019-08-19103View
DreamHack WCG Canda uPlayreal Altitude Gaming League North American Star League